What are the advantages and disadvantages of scaling?

In recent years, as people continue to enhance the self-health awareness, “scaling” is also more and more people are familiar with. Scaling operations to carry out dental clinics springing up, and even some signs of beauty salons also surprised to write a “scaling and polishing teeth,” the word. Scaling of the people more, some of which attracted some trouble due to scaling, makes it all the discussion of the scaling produced.
Gum has a special structure. Gum edge, and not close attachment between the tooth surface, but there is an O. 5-2 mm deep furrow, said the sulcus. Normal elbow, gums and tooth surface close to, was not open. Gingival sulcus easily accumulated food debris, plaque adhesion, growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria in a good area, was closed because of their status, not easy to clean, often leads to the occurrence of periodontal disease. In addition, the teeth adjacent points is difficult to thoroughly clean the bottom area, brushing alone can not completely remove foreign bodies, vulnerable to the hidden cause of periodontal disease. Some people think that brushing your teeth carefully every day, would not have scaling, which is wrong. Because the teeth a thorough clean brush that is within half an hour after the new plaque will be formed within 30 days to reach the largest number, over time become dental calculus, can cause gingivitis, bleeding, bad breath, and eventually cause tooth loose, even fall off. Therefore, if adults are never washed his teeth, as early as possible to the hospital for a clean government, but preferably six months in.
People commonly known as “dental cleaning”, the medical term is called “scaling.” The so-called “clean” is to remove dental bacteria, calculus, coloring tartar; the “rule” means it is one of the basic method of treatment of periodontal disease. By scaling can reduce gingivitis inflammatory conditions, but can not be cured by simply scaling periodontal disease. To cure periodontal disease, scaling should also be followed in further diagnosis and treatment of dental professionals. Therefore, scaling the main purpose is to prevent and treat oral disease, not just to look good.
In developed countries, scaling has become a very popular routine dental care, people once or twice a year to find their own dentist regularly to scaling. After scaling, if found to periodontal disease, dental treatment dentists will be timely in order to maintain oral health.
Scaling is a highly professional technical work, hospital medical staff in the oral apparatus with manual scaling, take about three hours, is the use of ultrasonic scaler, scaling, also need an hour or so. According to reflect patients in some dental clinics or beauty salons in scaling, only 10 to minutes. Practice has proved that no regular place in the Scaling, great harm. First, the only clear visible plaque, leaving a pathogenic role in most of the deep plaque, periodontal disease prevention and treatment reach the purpose. Second, the damage to gums, especially in exposed root after removal plaque could not be further professional treatment in time, not only led to pain patients, but also increase the periodontal condition. Third, can easily cause cross-infection, gave rise to undue regret. Therefore, the place to carefully select the scaling should be to find rigorous formal training in the hospital medical staff to serve your teeth cleaned.
So why, after washing the teeth will feel strange or allergies? Scaling, the teeth broad and the teeth will loosen? In fact, it seems like calculus jacket, once off the teeth exposed to the “long lost” in the environment, on will have all kinds of strange feelings. If you are healthy teeth, over time, strange feeling will disappear. If the big teeth, indicating periodontal disease in itself, and gingival recession, and after the removal of calculus widened to give people the illusion of teeth. This is not therapy, but from their own reasons for periodontal disease. If not remove the tartar, the gums will shrink further, it will result in loose teeth.

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